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Boston Stands, Frames, & Displays We sell Them all see below
A-frame signs are generally used to advertise along the roadside, yes, bright Sidewalk Signs are effective in getting the attention of foot traffic passing by. Cafes, restaurants, bars, and other storefront retailers who attract heavy foot traffic May prefer to use Signicade signs. Sidewalk A-frame signs can be used to announce special offers, promote daily lunch specials, and can deliver any message you wish to display or promote. One thing about our freestanding A-Frames is they all have a large display areas to ensure that your message will be perfectly displayed for all your customers and potential new customers to both read and understand. call us now! and order your fancy new freestanding A-Frame signs today!

Freestanding A-frames or Sidewalk Signs are a great, affordable and an effective way to get more people to your business. with easy portability, they can be moved or taken indoors quickly or repositioned at any time you need. Boston Signs & Printing offers a huge variety of sign Frames that will meet your needs. Our outdoor signs are constructed of either durable plastic or metal that has been proven not to weather in condition the day may bring.

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Boston Car Magnets and Fridge Magnets:

If your looking to put an advertisement on your vehicle, but want something less permanent than a new paint job or a vinyl sticker stuck to the side of your vehicle. Car Magnets are perfect for the sides of vehicles to include your Company Name, address, phone number, company logo, or any other information you would like to include! Do you have multiple vehicles you use for work, but don't want to spend too much on advertisements? Car Magnets are removable and be switched out on most cars in seconds! There is absolutely no damage to the cars paint job! These are glossy 30 mil heavy duty magnets are amazingly beautifully printed, with Full-Bleeds to quickly grab your future customers eyes! We suggest you test a magnet on your car before placing your order, as some cars have aluminum bodies which a magnet will not stick to. We recommend vinyl stickers in these cases.

These 30 mil magnets are of extreme quality, printed with the same UV ink technology as our chloroplast yard signs and outdoor banners for long lasting, eye-catching use! Because these magnets are full bleed prints, we do not recommend any small text sizes or borders, as these do not come out as clear on the magnet material.



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